Play Flappy Bird on Your PC

Flappy Bird on PC | Flappy bird game, in fact, made for the application of smart phones (smart phones) or tablet, especially on android and iOS. Then, do not be surprised if this game made by VietNam people many downloadable from Android and iOS phones. Allegedly, at this time, this game has been downloaded over 2 million times in a day.

There is good news for you who don’t have a smartphone or android. Apparently, the flappy bird games can be played on a PC or a computer or a laptop/netbook. Here’s How?

It’s easy and it’s free again. You can just visit this site:


After the click, wait game loading flappy bird up out the image as below.

flappy bird games

If it is out of the picture as above, click on the PLAY symbol to play it.

Okay, that’s the way how to play the flappy bird games on the your PC/Personal computer. Enjoy it.


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